Colorado Driving Society

If you love horses, friendly people, scenic drives through the country, food, learning new things, good natured rivalry, or serious competition, the Colorado Driving Society is the group for you.

The Colorado Driving Society welcomes all driving enthusiasts regardless of level of expertise or age. Our activities are planned to include something for everyone. Current membership includes owners of many breeds, cross-breeds and sizes of equines. Members use many types of vehicles and harness at events.  The only requirement is safety.

Join in carriage driving where you can participate by yourself or involve your whole family and your friends. Be a driver or participate from the back of a carriage or from the ground.

Come enjoy the fun with the Colorado Driving Society!

Upcoming Events:

Dressage Clinic 2021.PNG

Date Change to: Monday, May 31, 2021

10am - 1pm

Monday, May 31 -

Driven Dressage

Long Lining 2021.PNG

Thank you for joining us!

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~ CDS 2021 Membership ~ 

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Video from atop a coach

Video from the Driving Games